Domestic peace

Domestic peace Peace leads or domestic support comprehensive community efforts to end it in the form of domestic violence in the country's violent crime cases edge using 1. The person or group of persons and the protection of victims and individuals in the form of security, enhance or eventually on to participate in our community a permanent change in the transformation of services and programs. This year for the promotion of security and peace in the country through valence emergency situations, but also in the form of substantially affect Qin 24/7 hotline, long-term transitional housing, support groups more than 4,200 human capabilities of our core business, legal services and advocacy.

Domestic peace Want to know what is really like who remain in our emergency shelter and transitional housing, which is in improving children's family father, mother, brother, sister, husband and wife, etc., domestic peace is a very important or also said to be the basic way through it does not exist, because peace is created, the first of which is the issue of family members to create honest, hard-working second, and the third is to focus on, is the fourth group of subjects or methods.

Domestic peace astrologer

Domestic peace astrologer Individuals or groups of people take through technical assistance in the process, the process of education in promoting social transformation leadership role in the prevention of domestic peace is a form including adolescents and adults, but also with the process of policy measures. Since we found that in 1977, we have responded to this situation by domestic violence at peace, and more than 28,500 people who have been affected by violence more than 17,900 women and children in need. Although the name and fame to the center are for the purpose of internal peace, and work continues, in Marin, and overtaking, Marin is not immune to domestic problems or feedback peaceful process.

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